Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Happens at Grandma's...Stays at Grandma's

So True!!!  Grandma's can get a way with everything!!! 
 I was so spoiled my Gramma!!  She was AMAZING!!!!

A few signs for my dear friends.  I met them for coffee this morning before work....and oh how they make me feel great!  True and dear friends can make your rainy day all OK.  I work in a REALLY quiet office...all by myself...hardly any phone calls...not many visitors...can you here the crickets????  So, I get really used to being by alone.  I forget how much I LOVE visiting with friends...how much I miss it!   
AND...my one treasure found last week at a thrift store.  This is the thrift store that you have to kind of not breathe all the way through.  I don't know what the smell is exactly...but it is NOT good!!  I took my three kids in this time....and they had this look on their face like....REALLY MOM???? I got laughing so hard....that it was impossible NOT to smell THE smell!!!  They really do have some great stuff sometimes though...so it is worth it, but always an adventure!!! I found this cool ocean oil painting...for $3.00!!!  I have started grabbing them when I can...someday I hope to have a whole wall of them!! 
I only have 2...so I have a ways to go....
Have a beautiful Wednesday...TTFN!!


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  1. Kristen, that is so funny about your kids and the thrift store smell. I have been in some really smelly antique shops back in Minnesota, where my husband is from, but it sounds like it isn't because the stuff is old, in the thrift store. Am I right? Take care and have a great day.