Thursday, March 25, 2010

The 4 F's

So, when I turned 40 last month...everyone said "welcome to the club."  OK...I can handle "the club."  Then I remembered something my sister in law shared with me when she turned 40.  Her doctor told her that women starting at 40, get the 4 F's...FAT...FATIGUE...FLATULENCE...and I am always so horrified at the first 3, that I tend to forget the last one...FORGETFULLNESS. 

Fat???  Ok, I am softer & curvier then I used to be...but my hubby loves  Fatigue...well that is a given...always tired.  YES...forgetfullness...I can see that too. BUT...FLATULENCE...Really?????  My body has never fully bounced back from having three that not enough???  I decided...I do not want to be a part of "the club" anymore.

Sorry in advanced for all the pictures.  If I cannot brag to you guys about how much I got done this week...who else would completely understand and care????  I made all these random signs for the Apple Blossom Festival in San Luis Obispo.  My friend wanted some signs for her booth...whatever does not sell...
I will just throw on Etsy:) 
Wooooo...Now I really am FATIGUED!!!

Happy almost Friday!!!



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