Sunday, January 30, 2011

We have a winner!!!

Thank you Designs by Terri for entering my giveaway!!  You won my little Valentine "True Love" sign!!  Thank you so much to everyone that entered!!  Can you believe it is almost February????



Friday, January 28, 2011

Random...also GIVEAWAY

1.   San Luis Obispo (very near where I live) was voted one of the Happiest place to live in the world by       Oprah!  Not that I consider Oprah an authority...BUT, like her or not...she has a HUGE influence!!  Local reactions are anything from...soooooo excited that maybe will bring more did they have to tell the world about our secret??  Ummmm...what secret???  We have been on a California map for quite a long time now!  I hope the world got to see a bit of our special SLO country, beach community, ranches, college life.  Check out this Etsy Treasury to see a collection of local San Luis Obispo County artists....My Backyard.   

2.  Yesterday while shopping in Target...a young frenzied mom said to me..."Is it weird that I have three kids and have not gone to the bathroom in over a week?"  Hmmmm....I am wondering what it is about me that says..."come tell me all about your potty." Too funny!!  I remembered when I had three little ones...wearing a kid and pushing wto in a cart...that crazy feeling.  I told her..."don't worry about have accomplished something if you brushed your teeth today.  This 'survival' mode will change!"  Of course then she asks..."don't I look awful???  I mean I am not even 30 and I look so awful!  How old are you?" I tell her 41.  Then the clencher..." look really good for that age...I mean, wow!" 
Compliment in there somewhere????? 

3.  I would really appreciate it if the Tea Fairy would drop off a big cup of tea for me this morning????

4.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway...sweet Valentine must "follow" my BLOG or "friend' me on facebook...and leave a comment on either.  If you do will get an extra entry! 

Happy weekend to everyone!!!



Monday, January 24, 2011

I need HELP!!!

I am  an ETSY addict!  Seriously!!!  The ETSY Community is amazing & soooooo fascinating!  I have just really discovered what a Treasury is...a collection of wonderful goodies that any member can put together.  ANY member!!  Sooooo...I have a new fabulous friend...from Nesting Pretty...and she loves to make them too!  That is all I needed...a little encouragement...and here I go!!  So far...these are the Treasuries I have made...

My Backyard
Hugs & Kisses
Make Waves
Sea of Love
Bacon, Eggs & Coffee...Oh My!
Fly Your Freak Flag High

I have met so many incredible artists from all over the country doing this.  Some of them local....which is so cool!!  I love that we all have this connection...creativity!!!

Happy Monday to everyone!!  Don't forget to enter my Valentine Sign Giveaway!!!



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don't forget my Valentine Giveaway!!! It is True Love!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!  Only 1 more wee to enter my Valentine Sign giveaway!!! All you have to do is "follow" my BLOG & leave a comment on my BLOG sometime this week.  For an extra entry...visit my facebook page and "like" me...and leave a comment there also!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Sunny & warm here...LOVE it!!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine Sign Giveaway!!!

Here's a little Valentine Sign...True Love...just for you!!  ALL that you have to do is...become a "fan" on my Signs & Salvage facebook page and leave a comment under the giveaway can receive an extra entry if you leave a comment here that you are a follower of my BLOG & you BLOG about my giveaway!! 

It's TRUE LOVE Baby!!!
Giveaway ends January 30!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Woo Hoo!!

Feeling like I accomplished something...posted sign to etsy and made some samples for a new customer!!

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


One crazy week last week.  Soooo glad we are past it & survived it!!  First...daughter home sick.  not too sick...just sick enough to miss a bunch of finals!!  
Our 20th Anniversary was the same sick instead of going out to dinner...we had orange chicken & rice at home.  Not very fancy I know...BUT 20 Years is the "china" we ate it on my nice china.  I think it might be the 5th time we have ever eaten on it!!!  One of my more meals on nice china!!!  My friends brought us this yummy wedding cake...and I took out my Grandma's vintage Madonna Inn goblets.  We sipped champagne...ate edamame & orange chicken & cake...sweet & simple night!!   

LOVE LOVE LOVE my grandma's goblets!!!!

I managed to finish my Valentine birdhouse.  BECAUSE no matter what kinid of chaos is going on...creating is important!!!! finish off the other daughter got hit in the eye with a hockey stick during PE!!!  AHHHHH..minor surgery & .three stitches later...we are just soooo thankful her vision will be fine!  The worst part to a 13 year old that most of her eyelashes were sliced off by that stupid stick!!!!

Anyway...all and all...we survived the week and very thankful nothing worse happened!!!

Hope you had a beautiful weekend!!  IT was 72 here today...the sun feels soooo good!!!!