Friday, January 28, 2011

Random...also GIVEAWAY

1.   San Luis Obispo (very near where I live) was voted one of the Happiest place to live in the world by       Oprah!  Not that I consider Oprah an authority...BUT, like her or not...she has a HUGE influence!!  Local reactions are anything from...soooooo excited that maybe will bring more did they have to tell the world about our secret??  Ummmm...what secret???  We have been on a California map for quite a long time now!  I hope the world got to see a bit of our special SLO country, beach community, ranches, college life.  Check out this Etsy Treasury to see a collection of local San Luis Obispo County artists....My Backyard.   

2.  Yesterday while shopping in Target...a young frenzied mom said to me..."Is it weird that I have three kids and have not gone to the bathroom in over a week?"  Hmmmm....I am wondering what it is about me that says..."come tell me all about your potty." Too funny!!  I remembered when I had three little ones...wearing a kid and pushing wto in a cart...that crazy feeling.  I told her..."don't worry about have accomplished something if you brushed your teeth today.  This 'survival' mode will change!"  Of course then she asks..."don't I look awful???  I mean I am not even 30 and I look so awful!  How old are you?" I tell her 41.  Then the clencher..." look really good for that age...I mean, wow!" 
Compliment in there somewhere????? 

3.  I would really appreciate it if the Tea Fairy would drop off a big cup of tea for me this morning????

4.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway...sweet Valentine must "follow" my BLOG or "friend' me on facebook...and leave a comment on either.  If you do will get an extra entry! 

Happy weekend to everyone!!!



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  1. It must be your lucky day because I have a freebe teacup faerie on my blog.. for you to take and please I would to enter for your giveaway I'm following

    Hugs wendy at