Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

May the Lord bless you with lots of love & laughter today!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Peace...Love & Pumpkin Pie,


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Already?? is the end of November and Thanksgiving is in 2 days!! When did that happen?? Last week was one of THOSE weeks...when you do not get to sit down...a Holiday Boutique that we made over 100 signs for...a Midnight Show of New Moon (could not help myself) and a concert....this is what my house looked like up until last night!!

I always work in a controlled chaos...paint & glitter everywhere!! My husband is so sweet...always supportive...goes to work with glitter all over himself!!! Too funny!!!

I hope that everyone is having a beautiful and peaceful week!!



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Is it Really Monday Already????? not prepared for Monday this week! It came way too fast!!!! Oh least there is a holiday smack in the middle of this week...going to the beach on Veteran's Day!!
I just wanted to give a "shout out" to our new friends at The Cottage...local here in Paso Robles. They had a Holiday Open House this wonderful & beautiful! It was great to see our little signs displayed also. So much of the time, we ship them out to unseen shops! It always gives me a little thrill...THATS OUR STUFF:) Here is the link to our friend Sandi at The Cottage... . Thank You Sandi!!!!
Happy Monday...Kristin

Monday, November 2, 2009


Don't you feel like once Halloween is is just a countdown until Christmas??? Wait...I am not ready!!! I am going to REALLY REALLY try to enjoy Autumn season this year without getting too spazo and taking on too many events.
That is my hope at least:) is my TURQUOISE COFFEE TABLE!!! When I first painted it...I thought...OH NO!! THEN every single person in my family is kinda bright mom. Well...that was before I was finished with it:) There is always that moment in a furniture project that I think...UGLY!!!! favorite part...layer after becomes what it is supposed to be! It is like magic!!! Even though all shades of turquoise and aqua are my favorite colors...this is the very first piece of furniture I have painted this color. I usually paint everything white or black (for myself) and have been drooling over every piece of blue furniture I have seen. After my friend said get over it already and paint something...I did it!!!
I just LOVE it!!!!!

Now...I am going to confess...I have a terrible case of the I WANTS!!! I am usually so good about it...BUT I REALLY want to new flooring and it is making me crazy. I have to stop thinking about it...because it really is not in the budget...for a while. Most of the time I just forget about it...but whenever I start decorating...ALL I can see is my gross carpet!!! Someday, I know I will get hard flooring of some kind...and when I do...I will sooooooooo appreciate it!!! that I said it out loud...I am hoping the I WANTS will go away:) Thanks for letting me vent!!!

Happy Monday!!!