Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Already??

Somehow...it is the end of November and Thanksgiving is in 2 days!! When did that happen?? Last week was one of THOSE weeks...when you do not get to sit down...a Holiday Boutique that we made over 100 signs for...a Midnight Show of New Moon (could not help myself) and a concert....this is what my house looked like up until last night!!

I always work in a controlled chaos...paint & glitter everywhere!! My husband is so sweet...always supportive...goes to work with glitter all over himself!!! Too funny!!!

I hope that everyone is having a beautiful and peaceful week!!




  1. Kristin,

    I got your package today and it absolutely blew me away. You are super talented. I want to photograph it all and send people your way for your signs. Is that ok? I hope you enjoy what I sent. Oh and I loved the hand and foot warmers...those will be a treat to use this winter. Believe it or not I have never used them...we kind of just get used to the cold here in New England...although we have been on a mild spell...the snow comes tomorrow. Thank you for kicking off the Christmas season for me!


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