Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Saturday!!! GIVEAWAY alert!!!

I just made a big batch of German Potato Salad to take to my sister in law's annual Oktoberfest!  I swear...that hot potato salad could be the death of me...sooooo yummy!!!

Check out this wonderful giveaway from Rusted Chain....two $25.00 gift certificates!!  Maybe I should not tell you about it...better my chances to win....hee hee:)

Happy Weekend!!!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!!!

I'm about to lose control...well...I guess I am just a little excited!!  Everyone around here is totally desensitized to all the stuff I make.  BUT sometimes...just SOMETIMES you make something that even they squeel about!!!! OK...maybe they did not actually squeel...maybe that was me...but  they were impressed and my two 13 year old girls kept telling me they really liked it. is my new design.  I was looking around for some larger piece of art for my hutch...Autumn colors...then it struck me...DUH...make one.  I LOVE the way it turned out...reminds me of a sunset...
This little yellow wire basket I found at the thrift store yesterday...I got 2 great books and this basket for $4.00

I took out my Fall goodies always takes me forever to tweak it until I get it just right.  I love all the scents during Fall...the colors so rich.  Everything about the season makes me think of family and what I am thankful for.   

This is a wood tote my mom made years ago to hold diapers & wipes.  I repainted it black...not sure what I am going to to do with it...maybe I will sell it....hmmm...
I picked up these yummy Pyrex dishes at a garage sale...gonna put on Etsy I think...

Hope you have a fabulous Fall day!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Basket Full of Halloween!

This weekend I finished up some Halloween Signs...ready to be sold to a local shop!!  LOVE all the colors...really got me in the Fall mood.  ALSO...really made me crave some candy corn!!
Wine Country Sign made for a good friend of mine. I recently found some AMAZING vintage California Mission Postcards...wonderful vivid colors!!!  It was a perfect match for her
Mission Themed kitchen...
Added this Farm Girl sign to ETSY....LOVED the colors and the way it turned out!
This little vintage whimsical...added to a "Happy Camper" size for a vintage RV:)  Some of the signs have been added to Etsy...
Happy Monday!!!



Friday, September 17, 2010

What's in a Name???

What is in a name???  How did you chose your shop/BLOG name??  Did someone name it for you???  Is your name a nickname...or one of your favorite things??? Signs & Salvage was thought of by my friend & business partner Jennifer.  It was a natural...we make & sell signs...and we salvage the wood.  It took us forever tossing around names...then one day it was just there & perfect.  The Yellow Pages calls me every year trying to get info to put in the book.  Each year I tell them I am not interested in being in the book.  This year they tricked me...put me in anyway...under SALVAGE YARDS!!! So...every once in a while I get a call wondering how much I will give them for their old Toyota!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I swear...not joking...I drink about a gallon of tea a day. 
But shakes off off the feeling of
being "under pressure."  So, I'm ok...I think:)

I love all these old ads... 

Crisp, chilly mornings...90 this afternoon...Fall has fallen...California style:):)

Happy Wednesday!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Way to Get Trim...

This time of year...I am ready for a new workout...cut back the calories...get back in shape!!  If I ever was in shape...but summer is tough for me.  I eat junk instead of workout...then September comes along and I need to DETOX for sure!!  So I am thinking of getting these pants to help take off that 10 extra pounds...what do you think???  Do you think I could get my husband to wear a pair too??? 

Hope you have a GREAT Monday!!!


Friday, September 10, 2010 that a word???

<3  THANK GOD we grow up...and do not have to live in a Jr. High society forever!!  I went to Back 2 School night last cool to see my little kiddos growing up...BUT YIKES...I don't know how they survive it!!!!

<3  Every once in a while...the exact perfect combo of peanut butter and butter make an english muffin THE BEST thing you have ever tasted!!!  I had that morning!!!

<3  Being a 13 year old at one time...does not exactly prepare you to raise two 13 year olds...

<3  If you are a brunette...and have gray roots...brown eye shadow smudged at the roots hides gray hair for a little while!!  LOVE this tip!!

<3  Did you know you can freeze peanut butter & jelly sandwhiches???  You can make a whole week's worth on Sunday night!

Working on a few signs for Etsy...starting to get in the Fall mood!  It has been breezy and about 75 here...I canalmost smell Autumn in the air!!

Happy Weekend,

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Loooooooong Weekend!

These old ads are soooo funny!!!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS Labor Day Weekend!!

Any exciting plans??  We are spending the weekend with family down in Southern California...should be warm & LAST OF THE SUMMER FUN!!!

TAKE CARE>>>Kristin