Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!!!

I'm about to lose control...well...I guess I am just a little excited!!  Everyone around here is totally desensitized to all the stuff I make.  BUT sometimes...just SOMETIMES you make something that even they squeel about!!!! OK...maybe they did not actually squeel...maybe that was me...but  they were impressed and my two 13 year old girls kept telling me they really liked it. is my new design.  I was looking around for some larger piece of art for my hutch...Autumn colors...then it struck me...DUH...make one.  I LOVE the way it turned out...reminds me of a sunset...
This little yellow wire basket I found at the thrift store yesterday...I got 2 great books and this basket for $4.00

I took out my Fall goodies always takes me forever to tweak it until I get it just right.  I love all the scents during Fall...the colors so rich.  Everything about the season makes me think of family and what I am thankful for.   

This is a wood tote my mom made years ago to hold diapers & wipes.  I repainted it black...not sure what I am going to to do with it...maybe I will sell it....hmmm...
I picked up these yummy Pyrex dishes at a garage sale...gonna put on Etsy I think...

Hope you have a fabulous Fall day!!



  1. Kristin,

    If my mom made that beautiful thing I would never sell it. Of course, my mom is gone so I'm very sentimental about anything of hers I still have. I can totally see some big ole orange and yellow floweres in it for fall!

  2. hi my dear!!
    You WOn the bags of Love GiveAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Please Email me your Addy so i can send it to them!!!
    xoxo keren!

  3. I just love fall! Wish it would truly get here in Southern Nevada!