Friday, September 10, 2010 that a word???

<3  THANK GOD we grow up...and do not have to live in a Jr. High society forever!!  I went to Back 2 School night last cool to see my little kiddos growing up...BUT YIKES...I don't know how they survive it!!!!

<3  Every once in a while...the exact perfect combo of peanut butter and butter make an english muffin THE BEST thing you have ever tasted!!!  I had that morning!!!

<3  Being a 13 year old at one time...does not exactly prepare you to raise two 13 year olds...

<3  If you are a brunette...and have gray roots...brown eye shadow smudged at the roots hides gray hair for a little while!!  LOVE this tip!!

<3  Did you know you can freeze peanut butter & jelly sandwhiches???  You can make a whole week's worth on Sunday night!

Working on a few signs for Etsy...starting to get in the Fall mood!  It has been breezy and about 75 here...I canalmost smell Autumn in the air!!

Happy Weekend,

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  1. Love all the tidbits on this post. Your new signs look great, I espescially love the fall ones.