Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Say Hello to My Little Obsession...

You know when something just grabs you and you just HAVE to have it????  Like you cannot get enough of them and you are frantically searching Ebay & Etsy for killer deals????  Well...welcome to my Vintage Flower Frog Obsession...

I think I have 30 now...do you think I should stop???  My hubby is like...."OK...I like all your vintage stuff....but what the heck is up with all the pokey things???"  Stop????  Really???? Why??? 

Here's a couple of BEFORE & AFTERS...
 Old Covered Cheese Dish found atThrift Store...$5.00....transformed into lovely display piece.  So amazing what a littl paint can do!

3 Metal Camping Plates found at Thrift Store...$.99
transformed into totally Vintage Chic plates for crafting & beading!

This was a drawer kind of thing from a ratty old trunk found in my Gramma's attic...turned into a one of a kind shelf with chalk board!! 
 I LOVE Before & Afters!!!  

February is coming to an end very soon.  Where did it go???  Hope you are all doing well!!