Saturday, October 30, 2010

Work Work Work...then play play play!!

Just some more signs I have been working on for upcoming shows.  SO trying to get ahead and not wait till the last minute!  These are off to my partner in crime's house for glitter & beads!!  My hubby and I are off to Vegas tomorrow...Sunday - Thursday!  That will be the longest we have been away from our kiddos...looking forward to 4 extra days cooking & cleaning.  My hubby will be in a conference all day Monday & Tuesday.  My friend asked me, "Wont I be lonely on my own?"  Hmmmmmm...hours to what I want, shop where I want... read as long as I want...I think I will manage!!!  LOL!!!  I am wondering if Vegas will be nutty on Halloween...great people watching!!  Happy Halloween to everyon!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Not enough hours in the day...

Seems like just when you sit down to work on projects...crazy, beautiful chaotic life gets in the way!  I have a bunch of orders...and a few shows to prep for...not enough time!! 
Looks like a few late nights coming my way!!!  Here are some signs I actually DID get finished this week... 

Oh & my vintage cherry pie from my Grandma's house...still trying to make some room in my stuffed cabinets...think I will put the pie on Ebay...

Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!!!



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jennie made me cry...I swear she did!!!

Good Evening sweet friends!!!  I recently participated in the Fall Basket Swap with my wonderful friend Michelle at Something Special and Michelle partnered me up with Jennie at J. Nichelle.   Sooo...I already showed you what I sent Jen...well today it was my birthday & Christmas all wrapped into one!!!! 
You truly would not believe the YUMMY goodies Jen sent me...LOTS of pictures...
but I could not help but share...
LOOK at this vintage pumpkin Jen created...Jen is such an amazing artist!!!

LOVE this rustic box she had just SOME of my goodies in

Jars of CUTE mini pumpkins...LOVE!!!
Don't you want to scream over the framed pin up witch!!

The coziest blue scarf EVER!!  It is chilly today...I think I will wear this tomorrow!!!
Two yummy candles...I have already lit the carmel apple sweet.  Do you see that orange enamel leaf dish in the corner???  Looks so cute on my counter!!!

Jen sent this BIG box of exquiste shells...she knows me well!!!!

So, in the box/basket were these GREAT boxes and inside one was all these vintage yummy treasures...

Now of course all of that WAS WAY MORE than enough...
I mean can you believe how amazing all of these goodies are????  BUT wait...then there was this box...

All these sweet little wrapped packages....mmmmmm....wait for it....

Did you hear me scream????  This is where I cried...seriously.  GLITTER and I mean the MOTHER LODE of GLITTER...REAL glass GLITTER in the sweetest little jars EVER.  I know Jen is famous for glitter...but really can you believe it???
Look at the apple wall pocket...the colors are so rich and amazing!!! you get it...why I cried...tears of joy over the beauty.  I am one lucky girl!  The greatest thing is that Jen only lives about 2 1/2 hours I think I may need to take a drive and go thank her in person.  ALSO...she has this amazing new shop she just opened...gotta go see that too!!!

OK...I am exhausted from squeeling and oooh & ahhhing over my goodies...and I don't want to seem like i am bragging...but really I am:):)

Nighty  Night...Kristin

Friday, October 15, 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I am a church secretary for a VERY old church in Paso Robles.  Sometimes sweet church members drop off goodies for me...donuts(not usually appreciated since they call my name and taunt me until I give in) and quite often fruit.  This week a big bag of these GORGEOUS apples were on my desk Monday morning. pretty and the colors are AMAZING!  I could not wait to get home & slice it up....did I mention these are the WORST tasting apples EVER!!!  YUCKY!!!! So they will sit in a bowl for decoration...can you imagine a whole tree of gorgeous BUT gross apples???
 I found this guy at the Goodwill this week....99 cents.  My girls collect frogs...and this guy just cracked me up.  I said he looks like he is yawning but the kids think he is laughing:)

Happy Weekend!!!



Wednesday, October 13, 2010


SOOOO much fun...thank you to my sweet friend at SOMETHING SPECIAL
for hosting this Fall Swap!!  This is what I sent to my new & wonderful friend at J. Nichelle Holiday.  It was great fun collecting all the Fall Goodies!!!

Jen collects these sweet little vintage head vases...

I will post pictures of my goodies from Jen is like Christmas...I can't wait to see what she sends me!!  

I hope you are having beautiful Fall weather where you is supposed to be 97 here by the end of the week...CrAzY weather...make up your mind!!!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bobbing for Apples...

I always HATED bobbing for apples when I was a kid...totally grossed me out! Isn't it funny how some traditions are lost kids asked me if people actually really bobbed for apples:)   

Happy Tuesday!!