Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jennie made me cry...I swear she did!!!

Good Evening sweet friends!!!  I recently participated in the Fall Basket Swap with my wonderful friend Michelle at Something Special and Michelle partnered me up with Jennie at J. Nichelle.   Sooo...I already showed you what I sent Jen...well today it was my birthday & Christmas all wrapped into one!!!! 
You truly would not believe the YUMMY goodies Jen sent me...LOTS of pictures...
but I could not help but share...
LOOK at this vintage pumpkin Jen created...Jen is such an amazing artist!!!

LOVE this rustic box she had just SOME of my goodies in

Jars of CUTE mini pumpkins...LOVE!!!
Don't you want to scream over the framed pin up witch!!

The coziest blue scarf EVER!!  It is chilly today...I think I will wear this tomorrow!!!
Two yummy candles...I have already lit the carmel apple sweet.  Do you see that orange enamel leaf dish in the corner???  Looks so cute on my counter!!!

Jen sent this BIG box of exquiste shells...she knows me well!!!!

So, in the box/basket were these GREAT boxes and inside one was all these vintage yummy treasures...

Now of course all of that WAS WAY MORE than enough...
I mean can you believe how amazing all of these goodies are????  BUT wait...then there was this box...

All these sweet little wrapped packages....mmmmmm....wait for it....

Did you hear me scream????  This is where I cried...seriously.  GLITTER and I mean the MOTHER LODE of GLITTER...REAL glass GLITTER in the sweetest little jars EVER.  I know Jen is famous for glitter...but really can you believe it???
Look at the apple wall pocket...the colors are so rich and amazing!!! you get it...why I cried...tears of joy over the beauty.  I am one lucky girl!  The greatest thing is that Jen only lives about 2 1/2 hours I think I may need to take a drive and go thank her in person.  ALSO...she has this amazing new shop she just opened...gotta go see that too!!!

OK...I am exhausted from squeeling and oooh & ahhhing over my goodies...and I don't want to seem like i am bragging...but really I am:):)

Nighty  Night...Kristin


  1. Ah sweet hit the jackpot. Jen seemed to capture just who you are with all of these goodies. Don't ya just love having a "friend" that you haven't even met, and yet she knows you so well?? Your goodies are amazing. Enjoy, you deserve it!!

  2. Oh, Oh, Oh, for goodness sake, you did hit the jackpot. WOW, I knew it would be fabulous. She is absolutely amazing and she did pay so much attention to you and your likes. When I swapped with her, I felt exactly the same way. And she did all of that while opening a new shop. Everything she sent to me was just everything I am interested in. but by golly, that Glitter is to die for! She is so generous. Love that girl, and I knew you would be the perfect partner for her too. P.S. love that pin up witch, no one would appreciate her more!