Monday, June 28, 2010

FINALLY was able to finish up a few signs...take pictures and add them to my Etsy Shop.  Funny how all of that take sooooooo long!!  Hope you had a FABULOUS weekend.  Summer finally hit full force was 104 yesterday!!!!  YIKES!!! Check out my Etsy Shop for new additions...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glowing Fun.... do you entertain 10 kids ranging from ages 9-16, on about $10.00????  GLOW Sticks!!  I know you guys know all about them...since little ones take such delight in them....BUT I had no idea that even as they get LOVE them!! We were camping...and I had about 150 glowsticks.  The kids got very creative & made up games using them...they threw them all up in the air on the beach...then raced around seeing who could collect the most!  Then...they spelled "Refugio" in the a giant Light Bright...sooooooo cool!!!!
 THEN...this is the best part...they taped these glow sticks all over their bodies to make these ULTRA  cool "stick people!!!"  Oh my gosh...we laughed sooo hard.  I am sure everyone in the campground thought we were obnoxious, but it was so worth it!  The kids all paraded around the campground...people clapped, hootted & hollered....FUN FUN FUN!!!!   
Michaels sells tubes of 15 Glow Sticks for $ can't get much cheaper than that!!!  So go buy a bunch & let your kids do a night time summer parade!!!



Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Go check out my sweet  friend Michelle's BLOG... Something Special!!  She has an AWESOME giveaway!!!

Isn't this Father's Day Ad crazy...give him some smokes...his eyes will ight up:):)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cleaning out a drawer...means more treasures added to my Etsy!!!!

I have debated & debated with myself...should I release this yummy vintage sewing basket to someone else???  I do LOVE it...but still in the process of trying to simplify my life a bit:) to my Etsy shop it goes!!!
These are a bunch of GREAT vintage fabric/silk flowers & roses!  Perfect for vintage crafts...
Oh & one YUMMY vintage chenille drape/panel.  PERFECT for a pillow project or to make into a valance.  I used the other one for a valance in my girls' room.  My sewing skills would make you cry though:)



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feeling Beachy...

Summer has finally hit here on the Central Coast of Cali...bringing last weekend temps pver 100!!!  Now...I am not quite ready for those this week it has cooled down to a nice 87...lovely!!  Makes me want to jet over to the beach!   Can't wait to stick my toes in the sand:) 

Hope you have a beachy day!!



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Old, Blue, Borrowed & New

I got my package yesterday from my latest SWAP friend Heidi!!  SO DIVINE!!!!!!
This is the label on the package...
The BLUE was an amazing, to die for, vintage overnight case!!!  Swoon!!!  My absolute favorite color too!!!
We had to add an old wedding photo...
I just LOVE mine!! 
Heidi "borrowed" a stack of the sweetest fabric froma friend...added sweet beach inspired ribbon and an old button!
"Old" was a BEAUTIFUL vintage did she know that I collect vintage hankies???  Also...the most wonderful old starfish & shell silver bracelet!
"New"...this wonderful heart paper garland...sooooo yummy...all my fave colors...

Heidi added an old cabinet card/phot to each little goodie...her tags were gorgeous and look like they have truly been knocking around forever.  I am amazed at all her personal touches....THANK YOU so much Heidi!!



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check out this Giveaway....

Giveaway Alert!!!  Don't miss out on this awesome giveaway over at A Girls Gotta Nest !!  A $50.00 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores!!!  I am sure we could all find something glorious we would want!!  Thank you Tami for the opportunity:)

I am going to complain now for a moment...sorry!!!  I came home yesterday from work, school, carting kids, grocery shopping just completely pooped out...wanting to sit on the couch and do NOTHING. I was putting the groceries away...I noticed brown stuff ooozing down the back of the fridge.  OK...I don't want to clean that up right now...but how can you let something like that go???  A Coke can had frozen in the back...exploded all over my fridge!!!!!!  UGGGGGGGGGG...REALLY???  RIGHT NOW????  After taking the whole fridge apart...and totally grossed out(yes I am an 80's Valley Girl and still say things like...Gag Me, Grossed Out and I am so Sure!!)  at what was hidden behind drawers for who knows how hubby said ENOUGH!!!  Come sit down and watch a movie.  So I did...watched Leap predictable...BUT sweet and romantic...PG...but still made you want to snuggle up to your hubby.  I just LOVED it!!!  Not too mention gorgeous Irish Boy...I mean scenery:):)

So...if you have not seen it...grab Leap Year for the weekend...and give your hubby a squeeze:):)