Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check out this Giveaway....

Giveaway Alert!!!  Don't miss out on this awesome giveaway over at A Girls Gotta Nest !!  A $50.00 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores!!!  I am sure we could all find something glorious we would want!!  Thank you Tami for the opportunity:)

I am going to complain now for a moment...sorry!!!  I came home yesterday from work, school, carting kids, grocery shopping just completely pooped out...wanting to sit on the couch and do NOTHING. I was putting the groceries away...I noticed brown stuff ooozing down the back of the fridge.  OK...I don't want to clean that up right now...but how can you let something like that go???  A Coke can had frozen in the back...exploded all over my fridge!!!!!!  UGGGGGGGGGG...REALLY???  RIGHT NOW????  After taking the whole fridge apart...and totally grossed out(yes I am an 80's Valley Girl and still say things like...Gag Me, Grossed Out and I am so Sure!!)  at what was hidden behind drawers for who knows how hubby said ENOUGH!!!  Come sit down and watch a movie.  So I did...watched Leap predictable...BUT sweet and romantic...PG...but still made you want to snuggle up to your hubby.  I just LOVED it!!!  Not too mention gorgeous Irish Boy...I mean scenery:):)

So...if you have not seen it...grab Leap Year for the weekend...and give your hubby a squeeze:):)


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  1. Thanks for posting about the giveaway sweetie!

    I hate when coke explodes like that what a mess....looks and sounds like a great movie thinking I will add it to my Netflix list.

    Hugs~ Tami