Friday, May 28, 2010

Hey Mom...Did You Know That You...

These are are words that make me cringe when my 2 ALMOST 13 year old daughters say.

 "Mom, did you know that when you watch TV you shake your head "YES" and "NO" the whole time???  Who are you agreeing or disagreeing with?" 

"I do not"

"Ummmm...YES you do."

Ok...I have been paying attention...and I DO do that when I am watching TV!!!  I also do it to the computer!!!  Good Grief...who the heck AM I agreeing or saying no to????   I also wiggle & move side to side when I watch "So You Think You Can Dance."  My girls laugh at me the whole time.  I danced until I was about 20...and I just can't help it!  Got the boogie in me:)

"Mom, did you know you move your lips when you read?" 

"NO WAY...I do not!!!!!"

"It is really funny...and you make faces too."

"You guys are making it up...and you are a little mean...brats...go away..."

OK...I cannot believe it...THIS I do too!!!!!  In fact...I am doing it as I am writing this post!!!  Oh dear, my dad did that too...I guess we really do turn into our parents.  Or...maybe it is something that happens when we get old...or maybe I spend too much time on my own and I am going a little crazy...I think ALL of the above:)

So now, when the girls say..."Did you know you..."  I am getting them back with embarassing stories from when they were"Did you know you would get on the potty together, bum to bum and go potty at the same time???"  They shut up pretty fast:):)

I hope you all have a glorious and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!        
May God Bless all the soldiers and their families...I am thankful for their sacrifices!!  


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  1. Kristin, that is so funny that you move your lips when you read! I am told I move my lips when I listen to someone. They call that "active listening!" I suppose you can call yours "active reading!" LOL

    LOVE the Memorial Day cards you posted. Hoping that you had a lovely day. Do get some rest. Sorry about the coke crude. I've had it before, too. We call these science experiments in the fridge. ha.

    LOVE the movie! And yes, all bits of Irish are eye candy - oh, and the green hills are pretty, too. ;)