Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

SO CUTE!!!  We went to Morro Bay and the sweetest little group of sea otters were all tied to eachother, floating around out there!  I love the way they all hang out together...rely on eacother! 
Welcome Sign I made for my Mother In Law...
Chip Board Album I made for my mom.  She loves memory of my Gramma.  WE had lots of great pictures all together from Easter!

I hop everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day!  I was truly made breakfast AND cleaned up!  It is nice having older kids...Mother's Day takes on a whole new meaning!



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  1. Kristen, yes, I would love to do another swap with you girl! However, my second pregnant daughter this year is due very soon. I am on alert for this one. She lives about two hours away. I will be gone for a while when she has her little boy. This is her first baby, so she needs her mommy. I will get my wheels turning though and get back to you soon. Love Ya Michele