Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad Mom...

Ok...I made my son cry this morning.  He is almost it is not easy to make him cry.  In the middle of 5th Grade State Reports...his assignment due tomorrow is hand drawn state symbols.  Nick is always I did not realize the paper by the phone was "the" paper he had been working on for an hour yesterday! a phone call...need to jot down a few total La La Land. 

Nick this morning..."who drew on my state report???" Uhhhhhhh...."me???"  Instant tears!!  Oh no...I am sorry...I know I can fix this. 

A little white out and a copy machine later...I think we are ok.  He only has to redraw the leaves on the tree....whew...disaster saved.  It just made me "big" as I feel my kids are getting...they are still sometimes "little."  Oh, and it also made me realize...I am a BIG dork...but everyone knows that:)

Happy Wednesday!!  Only 2 more days till the weekend!!!



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