Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Put a Smile on My Face

Good Morning!!  You know...some things just make me smile!!  This little bird candle...there is something about it...the color...it smells yummy!  My friend gave it to me as a belated birthday present.  She felt sooooo bad about missing my birthday...I got little things for a whole week after my birthday...it was a week long celebration!!!!

I convinced my family to go thrift store shopping with me this weekend.  At first...my son was the only one who would go with me.  My girls were like...can't we stay home by ourselves???  My husband....uhhhh, NO...I think I have a bunch of things to do today.  Well...a rainy Sunday and a husband that must have noticed my sad face...and we were off.  It was funny hearing the comments about each little shop...that one was gross...did you see what that person was buying...why do they all smell so weird???  They all got in the spirit of it very quickily.  Although we did not find  very many treasures this weekend...the memories I will always treasure.

Check out these cool vintage silhouettes of George Washington & Abraham Lincoln.  The are made out of tin...very cool & rusty.  They wont go with my beach, shabby decor...but I think I will give them to my friend.  She has a house full of boys and loves vintage historical stuff.  Don't you love how the edges are all funky???  Best of all...only .99 each!!
Loved this sweet little jar.  I don't know how vintage it really is...but love the color of the lid & perfect for special glitter!!  I found it tucked behind a plant...the turquoise had caught my eye.  So excited with my sweet find...
Then my daughter found this ugly vase!  I guess when you are almost 13...this is THE color!!!  YIKES!!!!  I use this crazy neon orange at Halloween...but WOW!!!  She was soooooo excited to find it though and carried it around the rest of the afternoon.  I recognized that spark in her eye, when you find a treasure.  Maybe I have rubbed off on her a little.  That makes me smile:):)



Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Sweet Valentine Friend & Birthdays!!

My new wonderful friend Michelle @ Something Special 
sent me these OH SO LOVELY Valentines!!!  We decided at the last minute to SWAP....SO MUCH FUN!!!  Michelle is truly an amazing artist.  The little box was filled with dark chocolates...YUMMY!!!  Then I found out...we have the same birthday!!  See...we were meant to be friends!!!

Speaking of birthdays...look at this YUMMY purse my family got me!  My FAVORITE aqua color and It was filled with my FAVE candy chocolate covered raisins and Peppermint Patties...a book from an author I like and the newest OAR & Skillet CDs.  So much fun!!

Then my beautiful friend gave me this vintage tea pot with flowers from her garden....so pretty!  I have a small tea pot collection and this is the third year she has given me one for my birthday!  I also got this yummy robe from our best friends.  I was soooooo spoiled this last weekend!!

Have a Happy Day...it is almost FRIDAY>>>>WOO HOO!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Have a Nifty Valentine's Day!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!  We have friends coming up for the weekend...it is my Birthday tomorrow!!  Happy 40th Birthday to me!!  YIKES...this one really snuck up on me!!  I bought some drinks for the weekend last night...and not that I would ever expect someone to card me...BUT the checker looked up at me and said..."Oh, you are way old enough!"  SHEESH..."WAY old enough????" Did she have to say, "WAY?" Ha Ha...I guess I am WAY old enough:):)

Have a FABULOUS weekend my friends!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Fell For You Years Ago!!!

This is me and my hubby!  We have been "falling" for eachother since 1984...high school sweethearts!!    How long have you and your sweetheart been "sticking" together???

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She Would Say...See Ya!!!

This CRACKS me up...Those card makers back in "the day" had a quirky sense of humor!!!

Have a GREAT day!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Here Comes Summer...

Well...not really...just wishful thinking!!  I am trying to get motivated...work on some of our best sellers, stock up Etsy...and send out some samples for hopefully new clients!!  Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!!

Take Care...Kristin

Friday, February 5, 2010

Love in a Sausage????

OK...here is another sausage Valentine....soooooo funny!!! 
I do not even want to know what "Love in a Sausage" is!!!!

Yesterday was at work ONE OF THOSE CRAZY DAYS!  A beloved Paso Robles woman passed away last week and her memorial was yesterday.  Pat Butler had lived in this area since World War II...been a teacher & community singer all that time.  SO...in small town, Paso Robles style...her memorial was huge!  I am a church secretary at the church they had the memorial...so it was a bit hectic around here.  Needless to say...I was wiped out by the time I got home...and there was a little package of sunchine waiting for me!  My SWAP  partner Chele sent all these YUMMY goodies... 

My FAVE is the SO SWEET collage she made me!!!  I just LOVE it!!!  She even sent a sweet little stand for it...so thoughtful!!!  Is it bad that I would not share my chocolates with my kids??? 
It MADE my day...thank you so much Chele!!!


Have a beautiful weekend!!

Peace & Love...Kristin

Thursday, February 4, 2010

And the winner is.....

PRUDY....from Prudence Pennywise!!!  This was so much fun...my 1st Giveaway!!! 
I will send Prudy these 2 little Valentine signs...special delivery!!  Go check out Prudy's BLOG...it is YUMMY!!!  Thank you my friends...I plan on doing more giveaways soon!! 

Sausage Valentine?????

OK...I have NO COMMENT about Weiner Valentines!!!  TOO FUNNY!!!!

I will pick and announce a winner for my 1st EVER GIVEAWAY later today!!  There is still time...just leave a comment or start following my BLOG and you are in!!

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Little Squirreling Around...

I thought this vintage Valentine was so funny!  Squirrels????  Really???  Only 1 more day till I pick the Giveaway Winner!!  I can't wait to send these little Valentine Signs to you!!!
Hope you have a GREAT Wednesday...we are half way through the week!!  YAY!!!  

Watch Out for Those Squirrels Girls!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

SWAK...and don't forget about my 1st GIVEAWAY!!!!

YAY...my SWAP friend received her package today!  So much fun!!  Here is what I sent her...
I cannot wait to get my Valentine from Chele!!!!  My birthday is the day before Valentine's...so it is like getting a birthday present....YIPPEE!!!!

Don't forget....I am giving away these two Valentine Signs...one for you...and one for you to giveaway!!!  Just make sure you FOLLOW my BLOG and you are automatically entered into the drawing!!!  The GIVEAWAY ends February 4th!!
Happy Monday!!

Lots of Love...Kristin