Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Sweet Valentine Friend & Birthdays!!

My new wonderful friend Michelle @ Something Special 
sent me these OH SO LOVELY Valentines!!!  We decided at the last minute to SWAP....SO MUCH FUN!!!  Michelle is truly an amazing artist.  The little box was filled with dark chocolates...YUMMY!!!  Then I found out...we have the same birthday!!  See...we were meant to be friends!!!

Speaking of birthdays...look at this YUMMY purse my family got me!  My FAVORITE aqua color and It was filled with my FAVE candy chocolate covered raisins and Peppermint Patties...a book from an author I like and the newest OAR & Skillet CDs.  So much fun!!

Then my beautiful friend gave me this vintage tea pot with flowers from her pretty!  I have a small tea pot collection and this is the third year she has given me one for my birthday!  I also got this yummy robe from our best friends.  I was soooooo spoiled this last weekend!!

Have a Happy is almost FRIDAY>>>>WOO HOO!!!


  1. Kristen, I love seeing the Valentines on your blog. That is a first for me. to see my creations on another persons blog. Pretty cool. Here is the thing, I have a teacup and teapot collection myself. You were right, we do like the same things. Can't wait to get my sign in the mail and I will post it also.

  2. Hit the post comment button to soon. I just wanted to say to you to. Thanks for being my new friend too.

  3. The Valentine's are so very sweet!! And I just love the purse too. Thanks for sharing. Lia

  4. Hi Kristin ~~ What a sweet gift!! That purse is fabulous, too. LOVE that color!!!!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. LOVE yours!


  5. Your wonderful little valentine sign arrived today and I was so thrilled to get it. Thanks also for the wonderful little vintage card too. I think we really are kindred spirits.

  6. Look for your sign on my blog as my latest post. Thanks again