Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Put a Smile on My Face

Good Morning!!  You know...some things just make me smile!!  This little bird candle...there is something about it...the color...it smells yummy!  My friend gave it to me as a belated birthday present.  She felt sooooo bad about missing my birthday...I got little things for a whole week after my birthday...it was a week long celebration!!!!

I convinced my family to go thrift store shopping with me this weekend.  At first...my son was the only one who would go with me.  My girls were like...can't we stay home by ourselves???  My husband....uhhhh, NO...I think I have a bunch of things to do today.  Well...a rainy Sunday and a husband that must have noticed my sad face...and we were off.  It was funny hearing the comments about each little shop...that one was gross...did you see what that person was buying...why do they all smell so weird???  They all got in the spirit of it very quickily.  Although we did not find  very many treasures this weekend...the memories I will always treasure.

Check out these cool vintage silhouettes of George Washington & Abraham Lincoln.  The are made out of tin...very cool & rusty.  They wont go with my beach, shabby decor...but I think I will give them to my friend.  She has a house full of boys and loves vintage historical stuff.  Don't you love how the edges are all funky???  Best of all...only .99 each!!
Loved this sweet little jar.  I don't know how vintage it really is...but love the color of the lid & perfect for special glitter!!  I found it tucked behind a plant...the turquoise had caught my eye.  So excited with my sweet find...
Then my daughter found this ugly vase!  I guess when you are almost 13...this is THE color!!!  YIKES!!!!  I use this crazy neon orange at Halloween...but WOW!!!  She was soooooo excited to find it though and carried it around the rest of the afternoon.  I recognized that spark in her eye, when you find a treasure.  Maybe I have rubbed off on her a little.  That makes me smile:):)




  1. Glitter is all the better when you have something special to sprinkle it from.....Love the old pics of Lincoln and Washington...the vase is unique!

  2. Third try is a charm I hope. This is my third attempt at doing a comment. It just wasn't working right. Don't you love thrift store finds. I especially love to turn something old and ugly into something new and wonderful.
    I would love to do an Easter Swap with you my new friend and kindred spirit. Let's plan on it. Will keep in touch on this one. I will think of something really cool. I sure love the my sign. Thanks again. Michele