Friday, February 5, 2010

Love in a Sausage???? is another sausage Valentine....soooooo funny!!! 
I do not even want to know what "Love in a Sausage" is!!!!

Yesterday was at work ONE OF THOSE CRAZY DAYS!  A beloved Paso Robles woman passed away last week and her memorial was yesterday.  Pat Butler had lived in this area since World War II...been a teacher & community singer all that time. small town, Paso Robles style...her memorial was huge!  I am a church secretary at the church they had the it was a bit hectic around here.  Needless to say...I was wiped out by the time I got home...and there was a little package of sunchine waiting for me!  My SWAP  partner Chele sent all these YUMMY goodies... 

My FAVE is the SO SWEET collage she made me!!!  I just LOVE it!!!  She even sent a sweet little stand for thoughtful!!!  Is it bad that I would not share my chocolates with my kids??? 
It MADE my day...thank you so much Chele!!!


Have a beautiful weekend!!

Peace & Love...Kristin


  1. Kristin~

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. Your blog is adorable as well as all the cute valentines you have posted.
    Do stop by again soon!!

  2. Nothing says true love like a sausage Valentine! Love your posts!