Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And Relief Came on a Breeze...

It finally feels like Fall here on the Central Coast of California!! I am pretty positive our warm weather has not gone for good....OH but relief came on a nice cool breeze on Sunday afternoon! We had 10 days of triple digits...110 on Saturday!!! Yesterday & today...75...oh so lovely!!! I think the whole town was smiling yesterday!

Over the weekend...I did pull out some of my Fall junk...I could not help it!! I also found...stuck in the back of a drawer in my hoosier...a BIG bag of vintage buttons I have not seen in at east 2 years!! For some reason...I have an OBSESSION with vintage Buttons!!! I do not know what it is...I don't even sew! I think it is the thought that went into saving them...putting them in a jar...using them someplace else!! Our Grammies were the recycle & reuse queens...before it was popular!! So I have JARS of buttons...from Grandmas on both sides...then special ones I have found over the years. I decided to sell this BIG bag of buttons on Etsy...since I had not even thought about them for 2 years! You would have thought I had decided to sell a family heirloom! It took me all day on Sunday to make that decision...what a goof I am!!

Here are some pictures of my personal collection of vintage buttons.

My hoosier...decorated for Fall...now I just need to add some pumpkins!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Fall day!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Altered Tin SWAP!!!

Look what I got from my wonderful SWAP friend @ http://theredbulletinboard.blogspot.com/ !! I LOVE it...just the sweetest goodies inside! She is SOOOO creative! This SWAP was great fun...I cannot wait to do another one!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It is too HOT to be Fall!!!

Ok...it is officially Fall...but it feels more like the middle of summer here!! We have a whole week of triple digit numbers ahead of us!! Traditionally...I get all my Autumn stuff out today...and start decorating. BUT I just cannot see putting our pumpkins until the weather cools a little!! Oh well...before you know it...I will be complaining about being too cold:):) You are welcome to gripe at me when I do...I know our California winters are NOTHING compared to a real winter. I am just a weather wimp:):) So...to get us all in the Autumn mood...I made 2 of these Oktoberfest Signs...one for my sister in law (she has a real German Oktoberfest party every year) and one for Etsy!

Happy Fall everyone!!


Monday, September 21, 2009


Just a quick post!! So excited to be involved in this SWAP @ http://aswapforallseasons.blogspot.com/ I am so LUCKY...I get to SWAP with http://theredbulletinboard.blogspot.com/

I will post pictures...when we have received everything...so much fun!!! The giving part...is just a great experience...and that I get something in return...I feel like a little girl!!!

Happy Monday!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sheesh...school starts and it is HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!!! Today I feel like I am HIT THE GROUND YAWNING though:) I started(on Monday) a new exercise/meal plan called Bikini Bootcamphttp://www.amansala.com/index.html...and it is great...but no Diet Coke and WAY less caffeine...NO Carbs...WAY more exercising...and I am the walking dead this morning!! It is only for 2 weeks...I can do anything for just 2 weeks...RIGHT??!??

Despite being HUNGRY...I managed to complete a few things this week...here are the pics!!

It is almost Halloween time...so here are a couple of Seasonal Signs. I LOVE the "Pinup" Witch!! They are both in my Etsy shop:)

For your Beach House...

A custom Sign for my dear friend...Nana's Buttons http://nanasbuttons.etsy.com/ . She is doing a BIG local show here inPaso Robles called http://threespeckledhens.com/index.html

Here is my little vintage Night Stand. The "before" picture is in a post fromlast week. I just can't help myself! I keep trying to go with different colors...BUT vintage white & this yummy Robin's Egg Blue keep screaming at me!!!

Happy Wednesday...and eat a piece of toast for me!!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Quick Note...

Some signs we made over the weekend...getting ready for Fall...the weather is finally cooling off...YEA!!! We made some samples(birds & mermaids) for a shop we are trying to get into. I feel like life is like...Ready...Set...GO...every day and it will be the Holidays before we know it. Our goal is to actually make holiday signs way BEFORE the holidays...we will see how that goes.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Might Have to Keep This One!!

OK...I had my tea (thank you "everything vintage" for your support!! There is nothing like tea & friendship!!) and finished a project!! Here is my little sewing table ($3.00). Now that it is finished...I may not be able to part with it!!! I love that combo...soft vintage white and yummy Robin's Egg blue. Soooo...I think I will try it out in my living room for a bit..see what happens. I am supposed to be turning a profit here...but...oh well...maybe the next project:)



This morning...my husband actually got up and went to yard sales with me!! It was the possibility of some scuba equiptment at one that got him there...but whatever...it was great fun!! He always supports me in all my JUNK adventures...but yard sales and flea markets...not his thing. It is always great when you come home with a few treasures...and you have spent less than $10.00. So...here are my finds today...a sweet vintage sewing table....2 wire baskets....and a great vintage night stand! I have already been busy & started the restoring process...now I am tired and ready for someone to bring me an iced tea:)

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crazy hot day here on the Central Coast. I hate to say it...BUT I am sooo ready for Fall! Summer is my favorite season...the older I get though...the heat really gets to me:) Here is my latest project...and WOW is it amazing!! I was hired to "fix" this delightful table. My friend bought this about 10 years ago at a flea market...meaning to paint it herself. She now wants it deep chocolate brown...with layers of green patina showing through in places. Wish me luck...I will post pictures when it is finished!!