Saturday, September 5, 2009


This husband actually got up and went to yard sales with me!! It was the possibility of some scuba equiptment at one that got him there...but was great fun!! He always supports me in all my JUNK adventures...but yard sales and flea markets...not his thing. It is always great when you come home with a few treasures...and you have spent less than $10.00. are my finds today...a sweet vintage sewing table....2 wire baskets....and a great vintage night stand! I have already been busy & started the restoring I am tired and ready for someone to bring me an iced tea:)

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!


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  1. Hey Kristin!
    Love your yard sale finds girl! If I were there with you, I'd certainly be making you some tea, waiting for the paint to dry! How fun. Don't feel to bad about the hubs...they are all the same. ;)
    Love your blog as I'm a new follower! Keep finding those go girl!
    everything vintage