Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'M HUNGRY!!!! starts and it is HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!!! Today I feel like I am HIT THE GROUND YAWNING though:) I started(on Monday) a new exercise/meal plan called Bikini Bootcamp it is great...but no Diet Coke and WAY less caffeine...NO Carbs...WAY more exercising...and I am the walking dead this morning!! It is only for 2 weeks...I can do anything for just 2 weeks...RIGHT??!??

Despite being HUNGRY...I managed to complete a few things this are the pics!!

It is almost Halloween here are a couple of Seasonal Signs. I LOVE the "Pinup" Witch!! They are both in my Etsy shop:)

For your Beach House...

A custom Sign for my dear friend...Nana's Buttons . She is doing a BIG local show here inPaso Robles called

Here is my little vintage Night Stand. The "before" picture is in a post fromlast week. I just can't help myself! I keep trying to go with different colors...BUT vintage white & this yummy Robin's Egg Blue keep screaming at me!!!

Happy Wednesday...and eat a piece of toast for me!!!



  1. hey chick! okay first I love the halloween signs esp the owl one! Its SPOOKALICIOUS! hehe then on your comment about the moo cards! They are business cards. the mini cards are just half of the big business cards about one inch wide and 2 inches long! go check them out on!hugs


  2. OMG!!! The pin up sign is AWESOME!!!!! Hope you like your tin when you get it!!! hehehe!!! Your signs are beautiful!!