Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And Relief Came on a Breeze...

It finally feels like Fall here on the Central Coast of California!! I am pretty positive our warm weather has not gone for good....OH but relief came on a nice cool breeze on Sunday afternoon! We had 10 days of triple digits...110 on Saturday!!! Yesterday & today...75...oh so lovely!!! I think the whole town was smiling yesterday!

Over the weekend...I did pull out some of my Fall junk...I could not help it!! I also found...stuck in the back of a drawer in my hoosier...a BIG bag of vintage buttons I have not seen in at east 2 years!! For some reason...I have an OBSESSION with vintage Buttons!!! I do not know what it is...I don't even sew! I think it is the thought that went into saving them...putting them in a jar...using them someplace else!! Our Grammies were the recycle & reuse queens...before it was popular!! So I have JARS of buttons...from Grandmas on both sides...then special ones I have found over the years. I decided to sell this BIG bag of buttons on Etsy...since I had not even thought about them for 2 years! You would have thought I had decided to sell a family heirloom! It took me all day on Sunday to make that decision...what a goof I am!!

Here are some pictures of my personal collection of vintage buttons.

My hoosier...decorated for Fall...now I just need to add some pumpkins!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Fall day!!!


  1. hey babe! LOVE vintage buttons! Omg they are so addicting. I love your halloween decor! cute cute! you know you could use the buttons for your signs like on the metal hanger part! BIG hugs

  2. Hi Kristin!
    You are stronger than I am girl...I couldn't have let those buttons go. Even though I don't NEED another button...I'm just a hoarder! haha You ARE much stronger than I.
    I love all of your decorations and I hope the cooler weather is soon upon ya'll! It's still hot and humid here in South Louisiana...yucky!
    Have a great week~
    everything vintage

  3. Well...I still might keep them...you never know!! Great idea to use them on the signs:) Ihave before...for special, custom signs...but maybe I will have to keep some of these just for that reason:) YES...I woke up to ice on my windsheild this morning...so we have definelty cooled down!!! Thanks girls!!!!