Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vintage Advertising!!

What a fun surprise I found on the back of this vintage seascape!!  When they framed this beauty back in the 1960's...they used advertisements as backing!!  The kids and I had a ball looking at all the great deals!!  A parakeet and cage $1.87!!!  I would have loved to keep the backing...but it was crumbling & I really had to paint the frame white.  BUT it was a fun little blast from the past for the kids and I for a few days!!

Happy Spring everyone!!!  Does anyone else feel like Easter is sneaking up FAST????


Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Week's Picking!!!

Been out pick'n lately???  Here are a couple of my latest & oh so yummy finds...
I found 2 of these vintage stadium seats....LOVE them and they are actually sooooo comfy!  Well...as comfy as a stadium chair could be!  Only $2.00 each!!

Oh....look at this 2 DIE 4 bowling ball & case I found!!!  The color is gorgeous!!!  Just $2.00 for both!!!  FUN FUN FUN!!!

Happy Monday to you!!