Saturday, February 26, 2011

I recently participated in a fabric collage swap.  Don't you LOVE the FABULOUS collage Kim @ Blackberry Crows Prims made me???  It is so gorgeous & detailed.  The little bottle of real beach beads...I just love it!  She really made something so personal...THANK YOU Kim!!! here is what I sent Kim.  You have NO idea how stressfull it was for me.  Paint, wood, glitter, paper...these are all things I am familiar with.  BUT fabric?????  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  SEW SCARY...I mean SO SCARY!!!  Kim loves primitive...I tried really hard to make something prim...but three collages later...and well...Kim got whimsical/primitive instead!  What was I thinking??  Fabric, sewing?????  When was the last time you challenged yourself in the craft/art world?  I try to do something every once in a while to challenge me.  I think that fabric may not be my medium...but you never know unless you try!!

It was a really fun swap...and swapping with Kim was GREAT!   
I feel like I really cheated using felt...and you know that fabric is not "your thing"  when you do not have even one pair of decent scissors that will cut fabric!! 


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you wonderful friend from Something Special!!  Michelle sent me this amazing pillow she made...we share a birthday, a love for vintage....and so many other things in common!!  I just adore this pillow & will treasure it forever!  Thank you for making me feel so special on my birthday!!!

Here are a couple of custom orders I just finished...

Hope you have a fabulous day!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air!!!

Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes!!  I had a beautiful day yesterday...spent with my lovely family!!

Happy Valentines Day to you!!!!

LOTS OF LOVE...Kristin

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's my birthday... is ALMOST my birthday...and thought my sweet friend Valarie from Glittery Daze and Nights did not know that...I feel like I just got a BIG BOX of GOODNESS for my birthday!!  All I did was send her a few signs...look what she sent me...

I will treasure these goodies...I am so blessed to have such amazing friends!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

LOTS of LOVE...Kristin

Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't Hate Me Because I Don't Watch Football!!!

Who am I cheering on this Super Bowl Sunday?????  MMMMMMM...Who is playing???                     
OK....I actually do know who is playing....but only a few days ago!  You would think that I am the WORSE person in the world..."You don't watch football????"  I know...un-American...but I did not grow up watching it....AND my hubby does not watch WHY WOULD I watch it????  I don't even understand it!!!  BUT...I do understand I am having a Super Bowl party this Sunday...I know weird:):)  Nacho Bar, cupcakes, beer...who needs football??? 

Signs for Etsy...

Speaking of Etsy....I met this fabulous new friend...locally...on Etsy a couple of weeks ago.  We have been "trading."  I sent her some signs...she sent me FABULOUS jewelry & bobby pins!!! I have more at home to take pictures of...but here is a sample of what I received.  Happy Birthday to me!!!!
 Go check out  Nesting Pretty.  I LOVE her yummy goodies!!!!

Happy Super Bowl weekend to you!!!!