Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't Hate Me Because I Don't Watch Football!!!

Who am I cheering on this Super Bowl Sunday?????  MMMMMMM...Who is playing???                     
OK....I actually do know who is playing....but only a few days ago!  You would think that I am the WORSE person in the world..."You don't watch football????"  I know...un-American...but I did not grow up watching it....AND my hubby does not watch WHY WOULD I watch it????  I don't even understand it!!!  BUT...I do understand I am having a Super Bowl party this Sunday...I know weird:):)  Nacho Bar, cupcakes, beer...who needs football??? 

Signs for Etsy...

Speaking of Etsy....I met this fabulous new friend...locally...on Etsy a couple of weeks ago.  We have been "trading."  I sent her some signs...she sent me FABULOUS jewelry & bobby pins!!! I have more at home to take pictures of...but here is a sample of what I received.  Happy Birthday to me!!!!
 Go check out  Nesting Pretty.  I LOVE her yummy goodies!!!!

Happy Super Bowl weekend to you!!!!




  1. We don't watch football in our house either.. But we do love to party!! WooHoo!!

    Thanks so much for sharing my goodies.. and for trading. I LOVE my signs!!! ♥♥

  2. Hi there Kristen, you little dickens. You beat me to it. I was planning on surprising you with something for your Birthday this week, but I thought I would send it on Wednesday. You are so fun. I love the valentine sign, and now I have three of your wonderful little signs. (two Valentines) You are so thoughtful and sweet. I guess this is turning out to be another valentine swap again this year.

  3. Hi Kristin again, I don't watch football either. I see exerps from it when my husband is watching, and I have 3 football playing sons in the past, and just can't get into it! I didn't know who was playing until last night after the game had started. lol