Saturday, February 26, 2011

I recently participated in a fabric collage swap.  Don't you LOVE the FABULOUS collage Kim @ Blackberry Crows Prims made me???  It is so gorgeous & detailed.  The little bottle of real beach beads...I just love it!  She really made something so personal...THANK YOU Kim!!! here is what I sent Kim.  You have NO idea how stressfull it was for me.  Paint, wood, glitter, paper...these are all things I am familiar with.  BUT fabric?????  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  SEW SCARY...I mean SO SCARY!!!  Kim loves primitive...I tried really hard to make something prim...but three collages later...and well...Kim got whimsical/primitive instead!  What was I thinking??  Fabric, sewing?????  When was the last time you challenged yourself in the craft/art world?  I try to do something every once in a while to challenge me.  I think that fabric may not be my medium...but you never know unless you try!!

It was a really fun swap...and swapping with Kim was GREAT!   
I feel like I really cheated using felt...and you know that fabric is not "your thing"  when you do not have even one pair of decent scissors that will cut fabric!! 



  1. I bet now that you have tried it, you like it. I mean working with fabric. very cute owl, Kristin I love the one you got as well. You are so cute!