Monday, October 5, 2009

Now I am REALLY getting in the Fall mood!!! wonderful...the weather has changed!!! The Central Coast of Cali (we are just about 25 minutes inland) has finally had a weather change! We call this "layer weather" It still could be over 90 degrees...anytime...but now it is chilly in the morning...and cools down at night!! So lovely!!!

Some things I am looking forward to with this change of weather...

** Baking

** Crock Pot Dinners...coming home to that yummy smell!!

** Attacking some of the BIG pieces of furniture I have been wanting to re-do

** Chai Tea(I only drink it in the Fall)

** Camping with friends

** Cleaning out my awful scary closet under the stairs!

I cannot wait to get started!!

I finally finished I project I have been working on for a few weeks. This was a table a client of mine wanted me to restore!! It a was sooo difficult for me to paint this yummy vintage table anything but white...or just leave as is...BUT my client wanted dark brown...with green patina showing through (she has a more Mediterranean look) She has brown concrete floors that she wanted me to "copy." You know...when you start is soooo scary sometimes!! You just never know what is going to happen. There is always a stage in the process that I think...OH NO...WHAT HAVE I DONE!! Well, I could not quite get it in the pictures...but it turned out WONDERFUL!!! I was so very happy! Best of all...she LOVED it!!! YEA!!!!
I was also able to make a few signs for my mom & sister....I LOVE this season!!!
Have a wonderful Week!!!!


  1. Oh!! if you love Chai tea you need to wait for celestial seasons Christmas blends to come out. There is one called Nutcracker Sweet that is AWESOME!! It only comes out at Christmas so I buy EVERY box I find so I can have it all year long. Even then I usually only have one or two a week just to be sure I do not run out before it comes back out!! hehehe!

  2. Everything looks great! Neat stuff goin on over here!!

  3. hey sweets!
    Love the tabel I am with you I would of left it as it too! hehe but customer is always right. Even if it kills us! Love the fall signs and new blog look hugs