Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chilly Weather...a Project Finished!

There is just something about chilly weather that makes me want redo my furniture!! Maybe because FINALLY it is not 110 degrees...and I can make a mess without sweating!! Here is my Gramma's lovely Maple table that I have been NEEDING to refinish for years!!! Oh so hard to stain something instead of paint...BUT I did it!! And I LOVE it!!! I stained it a dark walnut...goes so well with my Hoosier...I am really glad I did not paint it. Here it is!! It is a HUGE drop leaf table that I pull our for the holidays!
And...did I tell you that I think I decided to have a Blue Christmas??? So...I painted my coffee table turquoise (still in that I can't show you stage) and I think ONLY a Blue Christmas will do for my living room. So to get in the mood...I painted this aqua Merry Christmas sign! It was made using a salvaged vintage dresser drawer...and I just found this yummy vintage snowman artwork! I LOVE him!!!! This sign will be available in my Etsy shop...just as soon as I can get it in there! is getting to a big pot of chicken noodle soup and cheesy bread!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


  1. I've been browsing all your posts and I'm just blown away by what you're able to create. What a gift! I love your kitschy vintage style.

  2. Love that blue sign...turqoise has been one of my new favorite colors. Let's definitely chat about the swap. Here is my email: