Thursday, May 13, 2010

MMMMMM...Childhood Favorite Breakfast

Oh...I LOVED this breakfast when I was a kid...Egg In A Hole...or we used to call it "Frog In A Hole."  Why frog...I have no clue:)  If you have not made this in a me...or if you have never made it...treat your family tomorrow morning!  Use a cookie/biscuit cutter to cut out middle.  Then add bread to a frying pan...crack an egg in the middle...cook like you are frying an EASY!  Don't forget to fry up the little circle for "extra" toast:)  I made it for my family this week...they ALWAYS love it!!  Recently I ordered it from a local restraunt...and they made it using homemade bread and served it with warm syrup!  So yummy!!

Needed a couple of Baby gifts this week.  I just love making these signs...I can customize them to the colors in their nursery.
Happy Thursday everyone!!




  1. Though I have seen this made via tv on various occasions but never had one. Adorable the daisys!

  2. My Mom used to make that for us when we were small but called it "toad in a hole". I loved it!

  3. Mom used to make these - but we called them bulls eyes. Ahhh found childhood memories!

  4. Yum!! We've always called it Egg In A Hole.