Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Messy Creative

I love when I have a stack of painted signs.  Oh the possibilites!!!  I am absolutely "messy creative!"  My husband does not understand this...how I can work like this.  I don't know why!!!  I have tried and tried to be organized about it...clean up as I go...everytime it just ends up looking like this...
Oh well...at least I was able to be motivated enough to get some things done this week!!  The little bit of rain yesteday and this morning stopped my production for a little while...but I will NOT be knocked of track!!!  I just picked up a new customer...Fat Cat Farms in Paso Robles.  They are on a main Winery Road...hoping to grab some of those THOUSANDS of wine tourists we get each year.  Here are a few signs I have for Etsy this week.  Hope you have a FABULOUS day!!




  1. congrats on the new customer!! i'm glad somebody is motivated...do you mind sending some of it my way?!? ;0)