Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glowing Fun.... do you entertain 10 kids ranging from ages 9-16, on about $10.00????  GLOW Sticks!!  I know you guys know all about them...since little ones take such delight in them....BUT I had no idea that even as they get LOVE them!! We were camping...and I had about 150 glowsticks.  The kids got very creative & made up games using them...they threw them all up in the air on the beach...then raced around seeing who could collect the most!  Then...they spelled "Refugio" in the a giant Light Bright...sooooooo cool!!!!
 THEN...this is the best part...they taped these glow sticks all over their bodies to make these ULTRA  cool "stick people!!!"  Oh my gosh...we laughed sooo hard.  I am sure everyone in the campground thought we were obnoxious, but it was so worth it!  The kids all paraded around the campground...people clapped, hootted & hollered....FUN FUN FUN!!!!   
Michaels sells tubes of 15 Glow Sticks for $ can't get much cheaper than that!!!  So go buy a bunch & let your kids do a night time summer parade!!!



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  1. Oh how fun! Wish I had time to get some glow sticks before our 4th of July picnic! Maybe next year!