Saturday, October 30, 2010

Work Work Work...then play play play!!

Just some more signs I have been working on for upcoming shows.  SO trying to get ahead and not wait till the last minute!  These are off to my partner in crime's house for glitter & beads!!  My hubby and I are off to Vegas tomorrow...Sunday - Thursday!  That will be the longest we have been away from our kiddos...looking forward to 4 extra days cooking & cleaning.  My hubby will be in a conference all day Monday & Tuesday.  My friend asked me, "Wont I be lonely on my own?"  Hmmmmmm...hours to what I want, shop where I want... read as long as I want...I think I will manage!!!  LOL!!!  I am wondering if Vegas will be nutty on Halloween...great people watching!!  Happy Halloween to everyon!!



  1. I love your handwriting! And your signs make me smile too.

  2. Hey Kristin,

    When are the Christmas signs going to be available on Etsy?

  3. I love what you create!!! Your signs are so darn cute!!! Great work!!!