Monday, January 24, 2011

I need HELP!!!

I am  an ETSY addict!  Seriously!!!  The ETSY Community is amazing & soooooo fascinating!  I have just really discovered what a Treasury is...a collection of wonderful goodies that any member can put together.  ANY member!!  Sooooo...I have a new fabulous friend...from Nesting Pretty...and she loves to make them too!  That is all I needed...a little encouragement...and here I go!!  So far...these are the Treasuries I have made...

My Backyard
Hugs & Kisses
Make Waves
Sea of Love
Bacon, Eggs & Coffee...Oh My!
Fly Your Freak Flag High

I have met so many incredible artists from all over the country doing this.  Some of them local....which is so cool!!  I love that we all have this connection...creativity!!!

Happy Monday to everyone!!  Don't forget to enter my Valentine Sign Giveaway!!!




  1. Awwwww shucks.. haha. Thank you so much. So happy were friends. You are such a sweetheart.. and I LOVE all the treasuries. It's so much fun being a junkie.. Treasury junkie that is.. haha

  2. I announced my giveaway today. Come and check it out. I am hopping over to facebook to post it on there. Hugs to you friend.

  3. Hey I wanted you to know that I posted your giveaway on my sidebars of both of my blogs.