Sunday, January 16, 2011


One crazy week last week.  Soooo glad we are past it & survived it!!  First...daughter home sick.  not too sick...just sick enough to miss a bunch of finals!!  
Our 20th Anniversary was the same sick instead of going out to dinner...we had orange chicken & rice at home.  Not very fancy I know...BUT 20 Years is the "china" we ate it on my nice china.  I think it might be the 5th time we have ever eaten on it!!!  One of my more meals on nice china!!!  My friends brought us this yummy wedding cake...and I took out my Grandma's vintage Madonna Inn goblets.  We sipped champagne...ate edamame & orange chicken & cake...sweet & simple night!!   

LOVE LOVE LOVE my grandma's goblets!!!!

I managed to finish my Valentine birdhouse.  BECAUSE no matter what kinid of chaos is going on...creating is important!!!! finish off the other daughter got hit in the eye with a hockey stick during PE!!!  AHHHHH..minor surgery & .three stitches later...we are just soooo thankful her vision will be fine!  The worst part to a 13 year old that most of her eyelashes were sliced off by that stupid stick!!!!

Anyway...all and all...we survived the week and very thankful nothing worse happened!!!

Hope you had a beautiful weekend!!  IT was 72 here today...the sun feels soooo good!!!!




  1. Hi Kristin....Happy Anniversary! Wow...your daughter has a real shiner there....looks like it hurts! Thank you for stopping by and leaving that kind comment! Have a great week!

  2. Oh my Lord...her pooooor eye. I want to hug her so badly! I hope that you are all doing well. Love shower over you this week.