Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneaky Varmints... cute & cuddly...BUT soooooo sneaky!!  My friend and I were trading sneaky raccoon stories.  Where we live...we do not have to deal with raccoons every day...BUT camping...oh do they cause problems.  My friend wanted me to paint her aunt & uncle a sign for their new little trailer.  Last year when they were all camping...they caught the sneaky guy stealing their eggs...the eggs were in one of those camping egg carriers with the handle.  So it looked like he was running away with a purse:)  Too funny!!  On Easter a couple of years ago my kids had dyed 2 dozen eggs.  The next morning...all the eggs were gone...but little colored shells in piles were all over the picnic table.  Of course I hollered at my kids for making the mess before I saw the tiny grimy hand prints all over:)
Hope you have a fabulous day!!!


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