Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Irish Greetings...

I am not Irish...BUT I wish that I was!!!  My friend just had an Irish themed weekend (they ARE Irish) with her family...soda bread, irish movies, music...etc...and it sounded like so much fun!!  It is so breezy & chilly today...I could use a cupa strong 
Irish Tea about now too...
with cream & sugar please!!

Yesterday...I came to work and we had no hoo...I was forced to take a day off!  Unexpected happy surprises...such blessings!  I wandered through Ross, took my time in Trader Joes, had lunch with a friend!  A day of leisurely getting things accomplished...I truly appreciated it!! 

I hope that you have Happy Surprises this week!!

Take Care...Kristin

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  1. Hello Kristin! Thank you for coming by today to say hello! Glad you did! Love your blog...sweet, bright & cheery! Hugs, Maryjane