Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Giveaway...Another Chance!!!

Ok...I was going to pick the winner of my Spring Sign Giveaway this afternoon...but I just found out my family is coming into town about five hours earlier than planned. Needless to say...a little stressed...I still need to clean sheets & grocery shop!!!! I know it will all come together and that being together is what is important....keep telling myself that...

Anyway...that gives friends...another opportunity to enter into the giveaway!!! Check out the giveaway details from earlier in the week:)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!


ps...these pictures are on my daughters. They were helping me clean yesterday and every time they would vacuum...our little parakeet would fly & land on their heads:) Made me laugh so hard!!!!


  1. What a sweet bird you have~ I know how hard you must have been laughing, girl... this is so cute!
    Ahhh, the pros and cons of family visits! :)
    I would be pulling my hair out!!! That birdie would have landed on my BALD head, for sure! HAHAHAHA!!!!
    Everything will get done and turn out great! Speaking of which, I really need to clean my house! Eeek!