Thursday, March 18, 2010


OK...I had to share this picture with you!!  I have been cracking up at it all night!!!  This is a picture of my husband (the one in the glasses) his brother and two friends...winter of 1984!!!  Look at those HOT 80's boys!!!!  Not too long after this...he drove up to school in a dark green Karmen Ghia...and I was forver a goner:)

Are you READY for Spring or what????  I cannot tell you how thankful I am that our weather & time has changed...Spring only a few days away!!  I don't want to rub it in or anything...BUT we were 80 degrees here yesterday...and should be that way for a few days!!!  Woo up the windows...let the bad, stale air out!!!  Wash my quilts...let dry outside!!  Paint some furniture...
and expect it to be dry that day!!! 
Can you tell how excited I am???
Here is my son...fell asleep reading:)  I Just LOVE that!!!

Oh Happy Day to you!!




  1. Hi Kristin!

    Oh girl!!!!
    I thought that was a photo of Duran Duran there for a second!!!! ;) (gotta love the 80's)

    Is that leg warmers they are wearing???? ;)

    80 degrees? oh my! lucky you! It's in the 60's here in Louisiana...still chilly but fresh!

    I wasn't bragging, I was just BEGGING for you to come with me on Saturday! tee hee!

  2. Great 80's picture! I love some of your vintage ephemera you have posted. Have a good week my friend.