Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

Hiking is definetly not something I think about...or look forward to doing.  BUT...we went to the Pinnacles National Park camping this last weekend...and hiking is what we did!  IF anyoe had told me this day we would be hiking 5.3 miles...up hill BOTH ways...marked as a strenuous hike on the map we later picked up...2700 feet up...I would have said NO WAY!!!!!  I did it though!!!  As out of shape as I am...I made it!!  I was so proud of myself!!  Of course...this picture does not look that treacherous or up even that high...but this is the top of the peak (elevation 2700 feet) and a walkway that they chiseled out of the stone in the 1930's.  Very Cool!!  We even got to see 8 Condors...there are only 400 left in the world!  It was a GRAND & Spectacular day!!
The rocks are covered in all this yellow, green and orange moss...totally fabulous!
My daughter Natalie.  Why when you give your 12 year old daughter a job to do...take pictures...do they think you need 100 pictures of her own tongue, sister's feet, brothers bad hair???  It is too funny!  I keep all those cruddy pictures...they make me laugh!!!My daughter Jessica, looking a little pooped out from the hike.
My Son Nick checking out the Mama Condor on her nest.  I never could see her.  They said look right above all the white poop on the mountain (about 5 miles away) she is a little black dot on a ledge.  I was feeling kind of bummed that I had walked all that way up the mountain and could not see the mama Condor...but just a little way up the trail...7 Condors decided to swoop down over us.  I was a little nervous that they might think my super skinny son a nice treat...those birds are BIG!!!!!     
My husband & I.  This is towards the beginning of the hike...at the end of the camp trip.  With no showers available...we were feeling a bit GROSS at this point!!  The only thing that kept me motivated was the promise of chips & salsa and a macho burrito from a local famous Taqueria in King City!!
New experiences...great adventure...priceless memories!!

Hope you have a great day!!


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  1. Kristin!!
    My brother lives in Ft. Collins, Co., so we love to hike whenever we go and visit! RMNP rocks!!
    Ahhhh, the great outdoors= priceless~ so glad you all had a great time!!