Friday, April 9, 2010

Your SWAP is Here Mom!

Thats what my kids said to me as I walked through the door yesterday..."Your SWAP boxes came today mom!" 
Yes, I said boxes.  Prepare will drool...and maybe be a tad bit envious:)
Last month I signed up for the Tussie Mussie Swap at A Swap For All Seasons.  Linda has these wonderful, seasonal swaps.  I ALWAYS get paired up with someone fabulous...and all the goodies I have received have been incredible...truly blessed!!  The best part is...I feel like I have made so many dear friends too!  This time...Linda partnered me with Jeannie...a total kindred spirit and well she completely spoiled me!!! There are lots of pictures go grab a cuyp of tea & enjoy...

So...this is the first package I opened...I kids laughed at me...I got a bit snarky...yelled at my kids not to ruin this moment for me.  I mean how can you not squeal when you see these colors peeking out of the box???  Just look at how Jeannie wrapped everything..
First...a great book...and a retro magnet & card holder.

A beautiful Starfish Tea Cup, and lovely embroidered Shell Linen Coasters, sweet Shell goodies & a yummy Mermaid Candle Holder...
This sweet little Tea Bag Cover she made & calming tea...which I needed after opening allthese goodies...I was sooooo excited!!
These Cute Magnets...a lovely card she made me and a Dove Ornament (Jeannie had no idea I collect special doves) A little lace bag filled with the yummiest Vintage Glass Buttons that made me swoon!!
OK...this is where Jeannie's amazing talent comes in!  I do not sew...and I am always impressed with people who do.  BUT...Jeannie goes beyond that.  Every detail is soooooooooo amazing.  The fabric is incredible.  She printed beautiful shells on them.  Jeannie made me two sweet zippered bags...a little bag that she calls a gift bag (Although I think the bag would be the gift) that also has a vintage pin on the front and a vintage hankie with my initial on it...and ok...wait till you see it...this Beach Tote...
Well...that was just the extra goodies she put in the box.  THIS IS THE TUSSIE MUSSIE she sent.  yes...I am all caps because I could really yell how amazing her Tussie Mussie truly is!!!  All beachy details with a beach girl printed on fabric...and a yummy glass starfish.
So...can you see how very special I felt yesterday???  It was like it was my birthday all over again...but even better!!!!  Jeannie took the time & care to remember what I love & favorite colors and that I drink tea.  THANK YOU wonderful friend!!!

Ok...I am going to try to settle down again.  Just looking at all those pictures again gets me so excited!!  I can't wait to go home & fill my tote up with my beach essentials!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!




  1. Cute stuff! I saw your comment on my good bloggy buddy Christina's blog..and when I saw that your hub restores old VWs I had to came say hi ! Ihad a77 Bay and had to sell I am looking for another one. THat's what got our swap started!

  2. I see why you squealed. I would have been speechless. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  3. You are totally too sweet!!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog to see what things you like. I hope we get to be swappers again!