Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goodbye FUNK!!

OK...I think I am finally getting out of my FUNK!  Sheesh!!  It all started on Monday night.  My hubby was not feeling well and went to bed really early.  He was on MY side of the bed...and I could not reach my bedtime chapstick.  So instead of getting my rear end out of bed and finding it...I went to sleep with dry lips.  Hmmm....weird...I guess I smiled in the middle of the night...SPLIT MY LIP!!!  So all week, it has hurt to smile or even drink something.  I KNOW...totally goofy and trivial...BUT I am going to just blame my BLAHS on my lip!!  Because really...there has been nothing else bad.  The kids are all good...I can afford groceries this allergies are actually OK even with all this rain we have had...I got a sign order this week.  So see???  I really have NO excuse!!!  OK...done venting...thanks for listening:)

My friend dropped off these little peat cone things for plants.  She found them basically in the trash...68 of them!!  So...I am instantly inspired!!  Hmmm...I am thinking little Mother's Day cones with flowers...something like the Tussie Mussie Swap I just did.  Hmmm any ideas out there??? 
I also got my act together enough to make a little sign for an Etsy order....YUMMY colors!!!
Thanks Girls!!!  Hope you have a FABULOUS day!!!



  1. Kristin, I hear ya about having to put chapstick on at night. I do the same thing!
    Hey, I believe I read something bout peat cups over at Karla's Cottage blog. Sometimes I forget where I've been, but I think she did a project there. Super cute!

    :) Becky

  2. The book is Portrait In Sepia by Isabel Allende :)
    I would make those cones into a glittery dunce cap for my dog with elastic to hold them on. He needs a dunce cap today.