Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Blinked...and it is May!!! is May 1!!  Happy May Day everyone!!!
I recently participated in a May Day Swap @ A Swap For All Seasons...where we made our new swap friend a Tussie Mussie.  This is the one I sent Jeannie!!  I added vintage buttons, jewelry and lots of glitter and filled it with some sweet flowers.  It was such a FUN swap...and if you look at earlier posts...I was totally spoiled!! 

Here are my pictures from my Girl's Weekend last weekend.  I cannot believe it was a week ago already!!  Where is the time going???  I wish I had taken more pictures...I am so bad about that!!  Here are my 2 friends K& J at the Petaluma Spring Faire...  
These were so cool!  Metal letters & numbers in all sorts of colors.  The guy had them all in piles all over his booth...and you just walked all over them looking for the one you wanted!  I made it home with a small, blue "R" but looked forever for a #5!!
Loved this booth...Brown Dog Cottage was so creative.  These recycled tire flower pots were so cool!!
These doll heads kind of freaked me out.  I ended up having a little nightmare about that display....spooky!!!
Here I am looking for my #5!!!
I had so much fun...and what a wonderful break!  The weather was perfect...the view exquisite coming back over the Golden Gate Bridge...non stop eating and chatting with my friends!!!  PURE delight!!!!
Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!


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