Friday, April 2, 2010

I got that "bug" to make something last night...totally last minute.  BUT you know when you just HAVE to???  Of course...not long after I got a crazy migraine...but funny...they turned out cute anyway.  Hard to mess up vintage artwork and glitter:)  I love to make these little goodies and give them away to random people.  It was so much fun to give them away this morning!!

In a couple of hours, we will be on our way to my parent's house.  One of the best things(of course being with family is #1) about going "home" is that my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant is there!  I do not know how they can make a wet bean & cheese burrito sooooo here I come!!!

Happy Easter to all my sweet friends!!!  May your Easter be filled with the Love & Joy of the Lord's Blessings!!

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