Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Just a Simple Girl!!

Do you know what can make me sometimes REALLY happy?????  PEANUT BUTTER!!!  I know...goofy!!! cup of tea and peanut butter english muffin were so so so good this reminded me of some of the simple things that make me

**  My down comforter when a cool breeze is coming in my  window when I sleep.

**  Getting a brand new magazine in the mail and being the first to read it.

**  My new tube of  Burts Bees Lip Shimmer in Cocoa

**  Diet Coke

**  A slice of pepperoni pizza

**  Being the all time highest score (in my family) on Wii Snowball fighting

**  Bumping into a friend I have not seen for a while

**  When my mom and sister give me a bag of GOOD makeup samples they have been collecting for me.

So see...I am really just a simple girl.  Hope your day is filled with "simple" things that make you happy!!

Lots of Love,


ps...thank you for the words of encouragement and well wishes for my Girl's Weekend!!!  It really is exciting.  I am a true Southern California have not spent much time in Northern Cali.  It will be fun to see new things!!! 

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