Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Book Bird Nest Kits...LOVE these!!

I just LOVE these little Bird Nests!!!  I have put together little Easter Bird Nest Kits...check out my facebook page for more details...Signs & Salvage on Facebook.  I think I may be a little obsessed with making these...I love them soooo much!!  Here is where the idea came from...this magazine is always inspiring...Nests.  Also coming soon to my Facebook page...Vintage Shreds...cello bag filled with shredded vintage book you can make your own...or fill your Easter Basket with this year!!

Have a beautiful spring day!!




  1. Your little Easter Bird Nests are just way too cute!!! And as if they aren't cute enough by themselves you have filled them with my most favorite easter egg candies!!! You've made me want to make a quick trip to the candy!!!
    ~Stacey @ Lollygag-Inn~

  2. I love my nest and my whole package! The signs and recipe box and hanger are fabulous. Thanks so very much friend. I will post about it soon! And also will be mailing out my packages tomorrow.

  3. Hello,
    OH MY your little nests are so adorable...
    I just stopped by from Lollygag-Inn (my daughter) to say hi and become your latest follower. I hope you will fly on over to my blog and visit and follow door is always open.
    Have a lovely week.
    xoso Sandy O