Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Weekend!!

Thrift store finds this week....I loved this needlepoint....probably 70's...only a $1.00 & I LOVE the spring flowers & colors!  I am not sure where I will put it yet...but it already brightens up my living room!!   
I found the mercury glass  candle holder for .99!!  I LOVE it!!!  It is not old...but it looks like it & made for the perfect pirch for a little birdhouse!  

I don't know why...but I LOVED this yellow metal basket!! Is it a bicycle basket???  Who knows!! was only $2.00 and now fits perfect in my cupboard for the kid's snacks.

I have a new vendor this week...Kim over at ArtSea ordered some beachy/mermaid signs...

Here are a couple of new designs.  I LOVE the way the pink horseshoe turned out....I painted one turquoise too.  I want to paint LOTS of horseshoes all different colors! I know...I am goofy...but I love the way they turn out.  I will have to come up with more ideas for them....hmmmmmmm

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!  A big storm has just hit we are gearing up for a cozy weekend!!


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  1. Happy Weekend sweet friend. I am finishing up our swap goodies this weekend, and mailing them on Monday. LOVE the new signs. Love ya.. Valarie