Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer of FUN....

This is truly the SUMMER of FUN for us!!!!
Since I have been able to take most of the summer off to hang out with my kids...I am taking full advatage!!!  LOTS of beach with friends...and most of all just being "present" with my kiddos!!  Since the girls are going into high school this Fall...I feel like time is going to start speeding up and they will start having jobs, boyfriends (yikes...not yet thank goodness!!!) and activities will start mucking up everything!!! 
So this summer has meant the world to me!!!
Hanging around the house more has meant that I have been able to work on more signs & special projects.  Here is a box I custom painted for a sweet friend of much fun!!!    

Some beach pics from our annual Refugio trip...

I had to share this pic of my nephew & niece.  The water is not actually coming out of his mouth...totally cracked us up!!
Our annual glow stick people parade at the camp ground!!!  Soooo much fun!!!!  We had people asking us to come back around!!!

Because kayaking on the water is not fun enough...
8th Grade promotion pics...
Some signs...

A couple of custom signs...

I hope that your summer has been WONDERFUL so far!!!  I am trying not to think too much about hte fact that we only have three weeks before school!!!!

Happy Monday...



  1. Kristen,
    My sister just bought an old (1999 I believe) Winnebago so we can take our craft show on the road. :-) Do you by chance have any artwor of old Winnebagos that you could make up a sign with? It's kind of a square-ish looking thing, but you don't tow it, you drive it.

    I'd like to buy one of your signs to give to her.

    OR....we call ourselves TWO SISTERS DESIGN....maybe you could do something with that! Lemme know.

    Gloria McAllister
    Roanoke, VA


  2. Anyway...I have a couple of pictures of motorhomes and would love to make a custom sign...if you have not already given up on me! Now Blogger wont let me post comments...says my account does not allow that...what the heck???? I don't have you email address if you want to chat still...can you email me at

    THANK YOU!!!!


  3. OK Gloria...that comment was supposed to be for you above but Blogger keeps shortening all of my posts...and will not let me post comments on any page & I cannot email you. I thought I had been emailing you the whole time...but just realized they did not go through....AHHHHH!!! I just don't want you to think I have not tried to contact you....I am going to try to leave an anonymous comment on your blog right sorry!!